Solved: FreeBSD as print server w/CUPS + samba + apsfilter

Andreas Ntaflos daff at
Tue May 25 10:38:51 PDT 2004

Alas, too late I see this thread :)

I have written (some months ago) a guide covering the installation and
configuration of CUPS+Samba with printing from Windows (2k, NT, XP)
clients via the Samba/Windows Network-Interface (the one where you can
download printer drivers from the print server). I've sent it to
Daemonnews months ago, but they didn't reply.

I'll post the links here, and although it doesn't cover apsfilter, I am 
sure there are a few useful hints and points in there. It's a little
outdated, though (not much).

HTML version:

All that is based on a writeup of mine in the Gentoo forums, this

A good guy named Joshua Preston put it all---plus a lot more (CLAM-AV)---
together here:

The latter two links contain more up-to-date information and
troubleshooting tips, and although they are written for the Gentoo Linux
system, it should be no problem adapting the important points to any
other Unix/Linux platform, especially FreeBSD.

Hopefully this helps! 
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