Tape support with mtx

Wayne Pascoe freebsd-feb at penguinpowered.org
Tue May 25 09:01:52 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've checked the mtx compatibility list, but I can't find any mention of
the tape drives that I'm considering as a replacement for my dead DAT
autochanger. I've e-mailed the mtx list as well, but I thought I'd take
a chance on mailing here as well.

If anyone is running any of the following, and using mtx to control it,
please could you let me know...

ADIC LTO FastStor HVD LTO Ultrium Drive
Tanberg LTO2 Autoloader Ultrium Tape Library - External
Certance CL3200 LTO Ultrium Tape Library - Rackmount
HP MSL5030 1 Drive LTO Ultrium 230 Rackmount Tape Library


Wayne Pascoe
I'm from Iowa. I just work in space. Admiral
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