How to install boot manager after installation

Simon Barner barner at
Mon May 24 16:49:59 PDT 2004

> Hello, I am new to this list, so hopefully I an
> writing to the right address.

Yes, you are, so welcome aboard!

> Anyway, I just installed FreeBSD in conjunction with
> WindowsME, and when it asked for a boot manager to be
> installed, I selected "None", since it said that's
> what people who use PC-DOS should select. Now I can't
> boot into my new installation. 

Just boot once again from the installation CDROM and choose the
following options:


Now select your FreeBSD hard drive (press space), and exit immediately
from the new menu shown ('q').

Now you'll have an option screen that lets you select BootMgr (the
FreeBSD boot manager).


P.S. If you did not install Windows before FreeBSD, you should do that
     before going through the above procedure. Windows has the bad habit
     of overwriting boot sectors....

P.P.S. Next time, please choose an appropriate subject line. That will
       increase your chance to get an answer.
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