SquirrelMail login issues

Lee Dilkie lee at dilkie.com
Mon May 24 08:46:06 PDT 2004

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>I'm using SquirrelMail on FreeBSD 4.9 Release and I've 
>installed the latest 
>imap-uw from ports to allow SquirrelMail logins. Per the SquirrelMail 
>support page, I used the following environment variable to run 
>make before 
>per http://www.squirrelmail.org/wiki/en_US/UWLoginDisabled
>However, every time a user logs in, we get the following error 
>in the logs:
>(date) (time) server imapd[48297]: Login disabled user=(username) 
>auth=(username) host=localhost.uti.com []
>Has anyone run into this before? It was working fine before 
>the server, and unfortunately I'm not sure what the previous 
>sysadmin may 
>have done to get SquirrelMail up and running properly.

I added the following to /etc/make.conf so it'll pick up the right settings everytime...

.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/ports/mail/imap-uw"
.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/ports/mail/cclient"

then forced a rebuild of imap-uw. (i think i used portupgrade -f imap-uw). 

Don't forget to reload imap with a HUP to inetd.

I installed squirrelmail a while after that and it has worked fine for me. Just playing with plugins right now.

Also, I need to move to apache13-modssl (to avoid the plaintext logins that I currently have) but that looks like a fairly major upgrade and I'm waiting for my nerve to build up.


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