Proper way to start a program at log-on

Eric Crist ecrist at
Sun May 23 21:51:29 PDT 2004

Make a shell script like the ones in /usr/local/etc/rc.d to start and
stop the process.

The script MUST be named and must be executable. It must
accept start and stop as parameters.

This is the general solution. There is probably a doc reference for it
but I havent looked.


On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 07:58, Gerard Seibert wrote:
> Since I am still new to this OS, I thought that I would check to make
> sure
> that I am doing this correctly.
> On my WinXP machine, I run the Distributed Net 'dnetc' program.
> Further
> information regarding this program is available here:
> To start the program in the background I need to issue the following
> command: 'dnetc -quiet'. Since I want to start this program
> each time I log on, I placed that command at the end of my
> file. I then placed the shutdown command 'dnetc -shutdown' in the
> '/etc/rc.shutdown' file.
> Since everything seems to be workings correctly, I assume that I have
> done
> this correctly. If there is a better way to do this, I would
> receiving the information.
> Thanks!
> Gerard E. Seibert
> gerard-seibert at

I would do it this way myself.  You can use the other scripts in this
directory as an example.  If permissions are an issue, I would setuid
for the user you want this to run as, but not root.  Back in 1998, I
used to run this very program, and this was my solution.


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