Install Identd for FreeBSD 4.5

Hadi Surya Wijaya hadi_err at
Sat May 22 05:27:12 PDT 2004

Dear .....

I am have problem in Server FreeBSD for conecting to 
DalNet .....

* Connecting to (6665) *** Looking up your hostname... *** Found your hostname, cached *** Checking Ident *** No Ident response
You have been autokilled.
- *** You are not welcome on this 
network. *** autokilled for [AKILL 
ID:1039081090K-c] [exp/identd] IRC clients from your 
domain are required to respond to identd requests in order 
to connect to DALnet. Send email to exploits at with 
[exp/ident] as the subject, or visit (2004/05/22 

* Disconnected

Questions : How to Install Identd on FreeBSD 4.5 step by 
step ......?

Thank's to for your help......

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