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Bill Moran wmoran at
Fri May 21 15:05:07 PDT 2004

Gary Kline wrote:
> On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 02:22:46PM -0400, Bill Moran wrote:
>>Gary Kline wrote:
>>>	For some months I've had increasing troubles with my 
>>>	4.9/4.10 abruptly crashing.  This morning I found my
>>>	workhorse server, tao, down and hung up while trying to
>>>	fsck /usr.  I cleaned everything thoroughly and then
>>>	started xdm.  The grey screen showed, the mouse was frozen;
>>>	after 30 seconds, BOOM.  Another crash.  After yet 
>>>	another round of fsck's, I tried startx.  To see what 
>>>	errs might kill the X11 boot.  No: same blank grey screen,
>>>	same frozen mouse,same OS crash.
>>>	I tried /stand/sysinstall to reconfigure X.  No luck.
>>>	I'm now doing my next stable sup upgrade and am doing
>>>	yet another buildworld  && buildkernel.
>>>	I doubt this will resolve the X Window snafu, tho.  So:::
>>>	what x11/*XFree* ports do I have to fetch/build/install??
>>>	((I'm assuming the reason for the crash was X-related,
>>>	but this is only a first-SWAG.) Also, if anybody has had a 
>>>	similar problem, please let me know.
>>I'm just speculating, but it sounds like it's your window manager
>>that's not starting, although X seems to actually be working.
> 	When I just tried X with startx (as root), I always got
> 	the defaukolt twm. Here is what in root's .xsession::
> 	twm &
> 	xterm &
> 	xterm &
> 	I'm using ctwm in my /home/kline acct.  Pretty basic.

Perhaps my speculation is wrong, then ... it just sounded like a wm
problem from your description.

>>In my experience, big, complex wms like Gnome and KDE tend to have
>>trouble off and on.  I've found that deleting everything from /tmp
>>will sometimes fix things.  Other times, I've been able to get things
>>going again by deleting the .gnome (and other, similar directories)
>>from my home directory.  Note that this second one blows away all your
>>Gnome settings.
> 	I'm test gnome and kde3 on my new 5.2 server; it's temp'y 
> 	offline.  There are lots of GUI-goodies in these wmanagers
> 	but my bias is to 'keep it simple, sir'.  ctwm along with
> 	lots of tuning has served for around 7 years... .
> 	Snce my mouse "X" was frozen, maybe the mouse daemon never
> 	exec'd.  Could that have crashed the OS?  Another strange
> 	new fault is that took a long time to do anything.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like a wm.

> 	This line:
> 	May 21 09:55:17 tao /kernel: Doing initial network setup:
> 	hung more than a minute.  Do you//does anybody have a clue
> 	re this new problem?

In /etc/, the first thing that happens after that message
is printed is the hostname is set if not already set.  I wonder if
there's some reason the hostname command could be taking a long time
if there's no hostname set yet?

> 	Anyway, thanks for your data-points.  I'll summarize to
> 	the list if/when I figure out what's going oon.  I've had
> 	lots of strange events, but this is a new one......

Good luck.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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