internet connection software

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri May 21 08:19:49 PDT 2004

> my computer has ethernet internet connection. i use
> linksys lan card. if i reinstall system i have to
> reinstall the lan software. but it says its designed
> for windows only. and i want to remove windows because
> 1 it has virus, 2 it has only total of 2 gb. and i
> relly really liked freebsd screenshots. i really want
> to use it. please tell me a way to do that.

As long as your NIC and other hardware is supported by FreeBSD,
it will work just fine.  You do not have to and actually can not
use the MS [lan] software to run the NIC card in a FreeBSd system.
If your hardware is not supported by FreeBSd, you will not be able 
to run FreeBSD at all.

Check the FreeBSd web pages for lists of hardware that is supported.


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