4.{8,9,10} Install ad0 READ command error

Richard Caley rjc at interactive.co.uk
Fri May 21 06:21:00 PDT 2004

> >         The motherboard is an ASRock KS41
> >         Chipset:        SIS 741 + SIS 963L
> >         Athalon 2400+

> HDD model and firmware version would be useful.

The HDD is a maxtor 6Y080P0 The BIOS is AMI and identifies itself as
K7S41 P1.10.

As a matter of interest, I have had a very similar problem on a
mini-PC which I had put down to a hardware fault, but maybe there is a
new(ish) motherboard chipset out there which 4.X can't cope with but
5.X can?

If it is of any relevance/use, 4.5-RELEASE does manage to boot as far
as the installer, and locks up on Probing Devices.

The only symptom under 5.2 is the disk geometry warning at the start
of partitioning which I have recieded in more or less every FBSD
installation for the past couple of years. Someone really should
rewrite that, since it seems impossible not to get it, and doesn't
actually seem to indicate a problem.

rjc at interactive.co.uk				_O_

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