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putnam at putnam at
Thu May 20 23:49:39 PDT 2004

Summery:         3rd yr. Bacholars Fine Art Student. (Painting Sculpture)

Direction:       Masters Architecture & Civil Engineering
Goals:           Compitant undrstranding of computers and how they function, how     
                 to configure them to work for me, no prior skills other than   
                 basic usr level. Gain understanding in the use of computers in 
                 the direction of my study. Remain true to my path of fine art.

Synopsis:        I am pursuing this direction and these goals but have no knowledge of the path befor me I have been working with BSD at home know for about two months and still do not have a working cd rom , but my knowledge is growing I really feel this need to grasp more but I do not know what it is that I am not understanding. Any help would be appreciated.     

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