named in sandbox

Mitch (bitblock) mitch at
Thu May 20 23:02:56 PDT 2004

You need to compile named-xfer as statically linked, or move it's dependant
libraries into the chroot.

Can't remember the details of how I did that, and I don't use named any
more - but that's your problem.

hope that helps.


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> Subject: named in sandbox
> dear All,
> I running named in sandbox as a secondary name server with
> FreeBSD-5.1.p17,
> Named log always complain:
> named-xfer exited with signal 6 and slave zone expired for every zone
> transfer.
> but, when it's running on default mode (no chroot sandbox) or as a
> primary server (with chroot sandbox). named work fine.
> please help me , how to make secondary zone transfer running in sandbox
> regards
> reza
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