How to secure ftp over SSH (how to make ftpd listen only to

Constantine cnst at
Thu May 20 22:29:51 PDT 2004


I am very concerned about the security of my servers. My favourite 
file-management software does not support any other unix standards than 
plain ftp.

How is it possible to set up my FreeBSD 5.2.1 that way, that it will 
accept ftp connections only from itself, so that iff the login to the 
system is done via SSH with port-forwarding, then one can open 

(It will be very nice if in this case the username/password is not 
requested again, i.e. the ftp connection is anonymous and yet the 
ftp-client gets the same rights to files as SSH-logged user, who has the 
port-forwarding, but this does not sound like easy doable.)

Put it in other words, how can I make ftpd listen only to


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