Is Freebsd graphical?

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Thu May 20 18:08:40 PDT 2004

On Thu, 20 May 2004 19:41:54 -0400, Bill Moran <wmoran at>  

> Doug Lawrence wrote:
>> I am very new to anything but Windows and some MAC. I bought a retail  
>> box of 4.7 about 2 years ago.It had no printed material.I tried for  
>> about a month to get it up and running but I gave up. I was to new. I  
>> talked to people in my department about how to learn the program and  
>> they suggested I get Redhat 9 off our UCI mirror site. I have done that  
>> and have learned a  lot over about  one year.I got a copy of 5.2.1 off  
>> your site and began again.I have done ok now but have questions.I  
>> understand what I should be doing to install but areas I believe I  
>> should select ALL I cann't figure out how to select the all choice.One  
>> spot I select all and the next screen says no packages selected and I  
>> cann't backup.This time I am not giving up. Can you help me get back on  
>> track?  Doug Lawrence
> Based on the subject of your email, I'm guessing you're getting  
> frustrated
> by the fact that your FreeBSD installs end up with a text login instead  
> of
> a graphical login.  If you _are_ successfully getting to the point that
> you have a text login, then congratulations!  You've actually succeeded  
> in
> installing FreeBSD, you simply have to go through the manual process of
> configuring XFree86 on your machine (RedHat systems, by contrast, have an
> automatic XFree86 configure program that does this for you)
> I recommend that you read through this chapter of the handbook:
> and proceed with setting up XFree86.  If you hit specific problems, don't
> hesitate to ask for help on this list again.

In case it actually is selecting things during the installation procedure  
that is a problem, here are tips and a general recommendation.

Tips:  Often it's the space bar that selects or deselects a choice, and  
there is also a key to step back in the installation (escape, maybe? can't  
remember for sure).  You may also need to tab or use the arrow keys in  
order to highlight selections before choosing them.

General recommendation:  The Handbook's installation guide is excellent -  
print it out and have it with you when you install.



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