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Thu May 20 16:22:48 PDT 2004

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Praneeth Reddy wrote:
> my computer has ethernet internet connection. i use
> linksys lan card. if i reinstall system i have to
> reinstall the lan software. but it says its designed
> for windows only. and i want to remove windows because
> 1 it has virus, 2 it has only total of 2 gb. and i
> relly really liked freebsd screenshots. i really want
> to use it. please tell me a way to do that

Check here to see if your Linksys card is supported by
If it is listed there, then you don't need any additional
software, the required drivers are included in FreeBSD.

Otherwise, I suggest you start reading the handbook.
Folks like myself have put considerable effort into
putting together this documentation.  I don't really
have the desire to repeat everything that's been done

Specicifically, the section on installation I pointed
you to earlier.

If, during installation, you hit a _specific_ problem,
don't hesitate to mail this list asking for assistance.
If you do so, please read this document:
and follow the instructions there, it will assure you
of the fastest response.

I suspect that English is not your first language. At
the top-right of the homepage are links to
other languages.  See if your language is listed there,
it will probably make things easier on you.

Good Luck!

> --- Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
>>Please read
>>Praneeth Reddy wrote:
>>>i have only 1.38 mb floppy disks, so can i burn
>>>2 files into one cd and install it by cdrom.
>>You have a few choices:
>>1) if you don't have a CD, you can create two
>>    boot from them and install via ftp over the
>>2) If you have a CD that will boot, you can burn an
>>    image, boot off the CD and do the entire install
>>    CD
>>3) If you have a CD, but it won't boot, you can boot
>>    floppies (as in #1) then install the remainer of
>>    system from CD
>>>or how do i install with iso files.
>>If you don't know how to burn an ISO to a CD, read
>>the docs for the CD
>>burning software you're using, all CD burning
>>software is different.
>>>how much mb does
>>>it take after totall install.
>>It depends on the type of install.  A minumal is
>>only a few hundred meg, but
>>a more practical installation will probably require
>>a few gig.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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