Parallel Printer

Donald Szatkowski deltaski at
Thu May 20 11:04:52 PDT 2004

Thank you for reading this message.

I have installed FreeBSD 4.10r2 and am having trouble with the printer setup.
This is on and OLD Gateway P5-100, 128mb ram (yah-100Mhz!). It is a direct 
connect to the parallel port. My main source document is the FreeBSD Handbook, 
2nd ed. and the online Handbook @ I have the necc. files as 
directed by Chapter 11, but am still having problems. (/etc/printcap, 
/dev/lpt0, etc). When I test with #lptest >/dev/lpt0, I get nothing. My 
initial install selection was for parallel printing. And checking rc.conf 
shows "lpd="YES". When I "#grep ppc0 /var/run/dmesg.boot" I get the message,
"can not reserve input output range". When I"#dmesg | grep lpt0" I get the 
message, "lpt0 not configured".

Here is where the problems begin. Thinking maybe the printer or cable might be 
the problem, I pulled the BSD hard drive, reinstalled the win95 hard drive, 
tested the printer and it worked fine! Reinstall the BSD drive and boot, no 
printer! IRQ 7 the same. To this, I suspect the KERNEL, yet all matches the 
examples with one exception. In the KERNEL file under #Parallel Port, the 
printer is listed at ppc0 and not lpt0. Have I misinterpreted something? Are 
they the same, should all ref to lpt0 be ppc0? Otherwise, BSD is working 
fine! If anyone could direct me to another resource, or drop a hint, it sure 
would be appreciated.

Thanks    Don

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