Boot laoder display ans comma problem (FreeBSD 5.1) bbrodeau at
Thu May 20 06:35:19 PDT 2004

I am a newbie about FreeBSD but I like this gorgeous OS, elegant and 
powerful. But FreeBSD is again mysterious for me. I have two problems. 
First problem : 
I have two partitions on my hard disk (Western Digital 20GB) with 
FreeBSD 5.1 and Windows Server 2003. 
 At present time my Boot loader displays : 
 "F1 FreeBSD 
 F2 ?? 
 Default : F1" 
 (F2 corresponds to Windows Server 2003). 
 But I would like to replace "??" by "Windows Server 2003". 
 How to do this ? Is there a specific file for this ? 
 Can I modify "/boot/loader.conf", "/boot/loader.conf.local" or 
"/boot/defaults/loader.conf" ? 
Is there a modification of a specific file ? 
 I would like to solve this problem "unaesthetic" and ugly. No response for 
the moment at : 
 Thanks for the informations on this subject. 
Other problem : 
 On my system I have to add a comma after the last username to allow 
normal user to shutdown PC. 
 "vi /etc/group" 
 I don't understand the reason of the comma after the last name (for 
example : username3). 
 On the other hand I understand perfectly the reason of the comma 
between two usernames. 
 If the comma is missing (after username3) I can't do a "shutdown -r now" 
or "shutdown -h now" or "shutdown -p now" 
 With the comma after the last username, I can do a "shutdown -... now" 
 No response for the moment at : 
 Thank you very much for your precious help. 
 Bertrand Brodeau (Valorisa) 

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