5.2.1 Netware Issues...

David at Andrew david at yaravi.com
Wed May 19 12:19:27 PDT 2004

Couple of questions about IPX here that I guess might be related

1- ncp won't compile
2- ipxrouted causes kernel panic when killing nwserv or 
halting/rebooting system

I note that ncp is currently an uncleared bug and wonder if this is 
what's causing the ipxrouted panics.

Anyway, regardless, I was hoping to move this nwserv box from linux to 
freebsd and with usb support, so a 5.x would have been a good solution.

I was wondering therefore under what 5.x the ncp fix might be happening?

Also, is it necessary to use the if_ef drivers for ipxrouted/ipx/nwserv etc?

Thanks in advance
david (at) chavin (dot) net

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