how-to tell sendmail to mail thru my ISP

Mike Hogsett hogsett at
Wed May 19 09:10:38 PDT 2004

> I have dynamic IP address and ISP blocks inbound port 25 so any
> recipients email server that checks back before accepting says I an
> invalid sender. Going through my ISP email server should fix this.
> How do I tell sendmail to send, relay my outgoing email through
> my ISP email server?

1) go to /etc/mail
2) type make
3) edit /etc/mail/<hostname>.mc 
4) locate line containing "SMART_HOST"
5) remove `dnl' from the start of the line
6) change `your.isp.mail.server' with the name of your ISP's SMTP server.
6a) NOTE NOTE NOTE:  make sure your quotes around hostname are right first is ` and second is '
7) save file and exit
8) in /etc/mail type, make, make install, and make restart

That should do it.

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