Creating ISO image question (PROBLEM SOLVED)

Stephen Liu satimis at
Wed May 19 07:12:21 PDT 2004

Hi Malcolm,

Tks for your advice.  

You understand my need completely.  Problem is now
solved as stated at the bottom of this posting.

> I believe that in case 1) you want to see the 
> directory usr on the final CD containing
> subdirectory home etc.
> And in instance 2) you want to see the 
> directory user-A on the final CD containing
> document-AAA etc.
> In the command 
>   mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso dir/
> the directory 'dir' does not actually appear on the 
> CD. At the top level the CD would contain the files 
> and subdirectories appearing in 'dir/'.
> To get the full sequence 
> 'user-A/document-AAA/subdirectories/..'
> to appear on the CD you would need 
>  mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso /usr/home/
> But unfortaunately this will include all under home;
> not
> just user-A/document-AAA. The simplest way to
> achieve what I 
> believe you want in instance 2) is to create a
> temporary tree of 
> what you want to see on the CD:
>   mkdir tree
>   mkdir tree/user-A
>   cp -Rp /usr/home/user-A/document-AAA tree/user-A
>   mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso tree
> (The mkisofs options are just an example -- probably
> not what you
> want)
> Now you can remove the temporary tree:
>   rm -R tree

I don't expect it would be so complicate on FreeBSD. 
It is rather simple on Linux.

> You might be able to avoid this copying using the
> mkisofs
> option -graft-points ; but I have no experience with
> this.


$ mkisofs -U -R -o cdimage.raw -graft-points \

2 (two) folders then created;

1) user.  Under this folder
(full path)
2) rr_remove  This is an empty folder

I don't know how to get rid of the empty folder
'rr_remove'.  If no solution I will burn a CD to test

Lot of thanks for your HINT


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