Start BIND on boot

Nuno César Pires NCPires at
Wed May 19 06:26:18 PDT 2004


Sorry not to give my feedback related with your suggestions sooner, but I
was absent.
I have looked to the named messages after boot and apparently it was
everything ok i.e.:

First message:	"starting (etc/namedb/named.conf). named 8.3.6-REL ....."
Second message: 	"limit files set to fdlimit (1024)"
Third message: 	"Ready to answer queries."

There is no messages related with the ROOT SERVERS, the file was updated and
there is a permanent network connection.

Running the "ndc status" the output is: "server is initialising itself"

After restarting the server manually, after boot, the status is: "server is
up and running".

The result after comment the kern_securelevel="2" and
kern_securelevel_enable="YES" lines in the rc.conf and reboot was the same
as described above.

Do you have any more suggestions to debug and solve this problem?


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On May 11, 2004, at 1:13 PM, Nuno César Pires wrote:
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>  The result is that the boot process takes a very long time in the 
> "Starting
> Standard Daemons" phase. After boot the result of "ndc status" is: 
> (server is
> initialising itself) and then nothing happen.
> Starting de named manually works just fine.

Hmm.  There isn't enough information available to say what's going on 
for certain, but what you are doing ought to work fine.

Do you have a permanent network connection which is available when your 
system boots?  If the network isn't available, named can't talk to 
other nameservers and it will probably cause a very long delay which 
matches your description.

Check /var/log/messages after a system reboot for messages relating to 
named.  You ought to see something like this:

May 11 15:21:19 <daemon.notice> pi named[9319]: starting 
(/etc/named.conf).  nam
ed 8.3.7-REL Tue Dec  2 14:40:53 EST 2003       
root at
May 11 15:21:19 <daemon.warn> pi named[9319]: limit files set to 
fdlimit (1024)
May 11 15:21:19 <daemon.notice> pi named[9320]: Ready to answer queries.
May 11 15:21:19 <daemon.warn> pi named[9320]: check_hints: A records 
for B.ROOT-
SERVERS.NET class 1 do not match hint records

If there were problems with your named.conf file or one of the zone 
files, you'd see warning messages which ought to be fixed.


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