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> hello i'm learing c and hoping to make bsd a life long friend. i'm thinking 
> about building a cluster in total of about 20-25+ clients. does freebsd support 
> c, i expect it to, and does that come with "graphic functions" and name a 
> list of prog. languages that freebsd supports, please. coming from microsoft (the 
> bastard) . please explain it in dummy terms , i'm 16 by the way, thanx a 
> whole lot! Troye. sexy brittany spears

The excellent C/C++ compiler gcc is part of FreeBSD. FreeBSD itself
is written in C, so you can expect excellent support :). If you
mean by "graphic functions" the equivalent of Microsoft's MFC classes
to write GUIs, you can have a look at gnome/gtk+ (for C) or kde/qt
(for C++). If you mean an IDE, glade and kdevelop can be quite useful.

FreeBSD supports a lot of additional programming languages if you
install their compilers or interpreters via the ports system. Have
a look at /usr/ports/lang for a huge list!

Please browse the documentation on FreeBSD's website:

An introduction for newbies:

The FreeBSD Handbook

The Developer's Handbook (Chapter 2 is what you want):

Happy hacking :-)


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