Guide me in - Data Storage Plan?

Ajitesh K freebsd at
Tue May 18 16:14:55 PDT 2004

Hi Friend

Does any one have Company-wide (LAN) Data Storage Plan?

My requirement are
Number of PC Users: 50
Different OS in Company:  Win 3.1, Win 9x, Win Pro2000, Win XP, Lindows,

My plan is to take weekly full backup of 15 important PCs and
partial backup of rest PCs data file such as Finance/Accounts spreadsheets,
Administrator/HR documents,  Engineering's drawings, machinist's programs

I know only one thing that ......
Data Storage Server OS: FreeBSD
Security Issues: How to Authenticate different users? (Need Ideas)

Please give suggestion which application to use......... like, shell I
install/set FTP server, HTTP server, SAMBA, etc.
What kind of hardware to use?
    RAID: ???
    IDE HDD: ??? (Is 200 GB enough)
    Backup Tape: ??? (Tape / ZIP drive)
    Motherboard: ???
    CPU: ???
    CD RW: ??? (Needed)

Help me in visualizing my data storage server. Thanks in Advance.

With Regards

Ajitesh K

MIS Programmer
U.S. Aeroteam, Inc
One Edmund St,
Dayton, OH 45404

servit at

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