IMPS/2 for mouse-wheel not supported

Richard Bradley rtb27 at
Tue May 18 08:25:44 PDT 2004


I have a brand new Microsoft optical wheel mouse with a 'tilt wheel'.

It works as a 3-button mouse under X with:

	Option      "Protocol"	"PS/2"
	Option      "Device"	"/dev/psm0"

but the wheel doesn't work (i.e. doesn't even show up in `xev`)

The X documentation:
[ ]
seems to suggest that I use either IMPS/2 or ExplorerPS/2, but both of these 
fail with "Protocol not supported".

Does FreeBSD support "PS/2 mouse initialization" (which the above link says is 
required for these protocols)? Is there a kernel module I need to enable 

Any help would be much appreciated.


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