Help with editing partition tables

platanthera platanthera at
Mon May 17 14:45:14 PDT 2004

On Monday 17 May 2004 17:07, Robert Huff wrote:
> platanthera writes:
> >  you could (and definitely should) have a separate slice for /tmp
> >  and eventually another one for /home too.
> 	May I ask your logic here?  Is this about safety, convenience,
> overcrowding?

You noticed that I accidently mixed up slices with partitions, didn't 

Separating /usr, /tmp and /var from the / filesystem
(a) reduces write access to the / fs significantly, thus increasing your 
chances to get away without serious trouble in cases of enforced hard 
reboot (power failure etc.) and
(b) allows you to take advantage of soft updates for the non-/ fs' which 
results in better fs performance (which is probably not very important 
for /tmp).
Whether you create a separate /home partition or not on a single user 
machine is more or less a matter of your individual preferences.


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