Manually starting RCng scripts disabled in rc.conf

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Mon May 17 10:02:34 PDT 2004

On May 17, 2004 09:56 am, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> On Monday 17 May 2004 18:51, Freddie Cash wrote:
> > Is it possible to manually run an rcNG-style script with
> > app_enable=NO in /etc/rc.conf?
> >
> > For instance, there are a few services that I don't want running
> > all the time on my laptop (like Apache, Squid, DansGuardian) but
> > that I need running now and then for development / testing
> > purposes.  As such, I have apache_enable="NO" in my rc.conf to
> > prevent Apache from starting at boot time.  However, this also
> > means that I cannot manually start Apache when I need it running,
> > unless I use apachectl or run the httpd binary directly.  And I
> > can't use the RCng script to check the status, or restart, or any
> > of the other nice things that RCng gives me.  It would be much
> > simpler/nicer if I could use the rcNG script to do this.
> >
> > Am I missing something simple, or is it just not possible to do
> > what I want?  I'd like to use the rc.d scripts to control
> > everything, but if I have to enable them all in rc.conf and then
> > manually stop them after each boot, I'll most likely end up writing
> > my own non-RCng wrapper scripts for each app.  :(

> What you could do is comment "apache_enable=yes" in rc.conf when
> you're not using it.
> Then if you need to start apache later on, just uncomment the line
> then do a /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache start

That's the same as I'm doing now, although I'm manually editing rc.conf 
to change NO to YES and back again using sed.  It's still an extra step 
that seems unnecessary.

Perhaps there needs to be an app_enable_boot="YES" kind of knob for 
rc.conf that would start (or not) the app at boot time, but that 
wouldn't prevent you from manually starting the app using the rc.d 
script.  [shrug]
Freddie Cash
fcash-ml at

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