ipmon logs to messages AND security

JJB Barbish3 at adelphia.net
Mon May 17 04:43:35 PDT 2004

Changes to /etc/syslog.conf do not take effect until you tell the
syslog task to re-read the conf file. You do that be issuing an HUP
signal to the syslog task. Kill -HUP PID  where PID is the task
number from the ps ax command.

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Subject: ipmon logs to messages AND security

I have just installed IPFILTER as a replacement for IPFW.
All is great besides the fact that ipf logs are being
stored not only in /etc/security, but also /etc/messages. I
don't want ipf logs in /etc/messages.

In rc.conf, after enabling ipfilter i have the following

ipmon_enable="YES"        #Start ip monitor log
ipmon_flags="-Ds"         #s=log to syslog, D=start as

Then in syslogd.conf i have:


local0.* /var/log/security

Shouldn't the local0.none prevent ipf logs from being
entered in messages?

Where am i going wrong?
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