FTP Problems

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun May 16 07:49:17 PDT 2004

Me Actionfigure wrote:
> Hi there..Im on 5.1 and every time I try to install a
> program using ftp, I usually get about 97% of it
> downloaded and get this error:
> 450 Socket write to client timed-out.
> 9838592 bytes received in 41:21 (3.87 KB/s)
> 421 Service not available, remote server has closed
> connection.

That's a drag.  Fortunately, however, ftp supports resuming interrupted 
downloads, as per the man page:

      reget remote-file [local-file]
                  Reget acts like get, except that if local-file exists and is
                  smaller than remote-file, local-file is presumed to be a par-
                  tially transferred copy of remote-file and the transfer is
                  continued from the apparent point of failure.  This command
                  is useful when transferring very large files over networks
                  that are prone to dropping connections.


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