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> You are wrong, you do not have to compile ipfirewall kernel options
> into the kernel.
> IPFW is delivered as an bootable module.
> You need this in rc.conf to enable ipfw, it will auto load the
> bootable module.
> # Required For IPFW  kernel firewall support
> firewall_enable="YES"              # Start daemon
> firewall_script="/etc/ipfw.rules"  # run my custom rules
> firewall_logging="YES"            # Enable events logging
> natd_enable="YES"                 # Enable IPFW nat function
> natd_interface="rl0"
> natd_flags="-dynamic -m -u -f /etc/natd.conf"

You're right, you don't have to recompile to use ipfw, however, since there
is no divert module, the kernel will still need to be recompiled to enable
divert. In order for the OP to do what they're wanting to do they will still
need to recompile kernel and restart the system.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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