The correct way to run "make"

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>> Often you need to specify values, like for postgresql:
>> make PREFIX=/some/other/dir
>> And here's another question. I always use the same options for make, 
>> make install and make clean, ie:
>> make PREFIX=/some/other/dir
>> make PREFIX=/some/other/dir install
>> make PREFIX=/some/other/dir clean
>> This is because I noticed that some ports (I forgot which one I was 
>> having this experience with) need these options in order to install 
>> and clean correctly as they generate the package name based on the 
>> options specified. Is what I'm doing OK or is there another, 
>> beter/simpler/easier way to do it?


If there are options you use every single time you run make, put them in 
/etc/make.conf. If, in the above example, that PREFIX was only meant for 
postgresql, just hand make all the targets on one line, instead of 
dividing it up into three.

Instead of:
make <options>
make <same options> install
make <same options> clean

make <options> install clean

That will perform the same task, with less typing required. :-)

-Henrik W Lund

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