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Christian Hiris 4711 at
Sat May 15 00:06:30 PDT 2004

On Saturday 15 May 2004 07:49, Anthony Philipp wrote:
> hello,
> im am trying to redirect various ports through my gateway, a freebsd
> machine, to other machines. when i type: natd -interface rl0 -redirect_port
> tcp 25
> to redirect port 25 to on port 25 it tells me
> natd: Unable to create divert socket.: Protocol not supported
> rl0 is the external ethernet card. if i dont use -interface, it says that
> the aliasing address is not given. any help is appreciated. am i running
> freebsd 5.2-release anthony
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Natd requires 'options IPFIREWALL' and 'options IPDIVERT' in your kernel 
config. Refer to section "RUNNING NATD" in the natd(8) manual for some more 


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