Transfering Files

Peter Risdon peter at
Fri May 14 00:40:00 PDT 2004

Kent Stewart wrote:

>On Thursday 13 May 2004 07:11 pm, Bruce Hunter wrote:
>>I have two computer systems. 1 windows 2k system where I do web
>>development work, specifically php development. The other system is a
>>FBSD headless system that I control via ssh, from my windows system.
>>The FBSD system is my local webserver where I do my testing before
>>transfering to another server.
>>My question is this. What is the best way to get my files from my
>>windows system over to the FBSD webserver. FTP? Samba? or someting
>>else? Also, I  want to make this webserver a file server wher I can
>>save my downloads and mp3's. Not sure what which direction to go with
>>these two tasks?
>I use ws_ftp pro 

Or a more conservative approach - WinSCP is a free download: google for it.


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