Is it Possible to shrink a FBSD Partition?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu May 13 06:36:30 PDT 2004

> Hello
> Is there any easy way to shrink a freebsd partition? When I created the 
> slice (I think it is called) I used the complete drive. 

In general, no.

> I need some space to create another partition and do not wish to reinstall 
> FBSD. This machine has been up and running for sometime and to do a 
> reinstall would be a big pain. 

You are pretty much limited to making a backup of each file system
separately and then redoing the drive partitioning and then restoring
the backups.

> I have tried partition majic then reading some info online it does not look 
> like it can handle the job.

Partition Magic only works on slices and not FreeBSD partitions.   If you mean
that you want to shrink a slice, then still you will need to make backups
and then redo the slices and then rebuild the FreBSD partitions and
then restore each file system in to the new partitions.


> I am running 4.8 Stable.
> Any info would be great.
> Thanks
> Chris
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