SSH Help / Installing ports / Internet

Bruce Hunter bhunter at
Wed May 12 20:05:16 PDT 2004

Brad Tarver wrote:

> Bruce Hunter wrote on 05/12/04 09:09 PM:
>> I am pinging b/c I am testing. I am trying to install a port. When a 
>> port installs, it downloads the required files. Whenever I try, I get 
>> an error b/c it can't download any of the files needed for the port. 
>> This happens with all ports. On top of that I can't ping crap outside 
>> my network. Nothing.. Something is blocking me from going to the net. 
>> It not my router, i'm sure of that.
> So does it download the files or not. You are contradicting yourself. 
> If you can ping an IP address outside of your router, then it's not 
> your router. But if you cannot ping a hostname like, then 
> its most likely they resolv.conf isn't setup.
> i am unable to ping any IP address specific to the internet or any 
> host.. The files do not download when I run #make install. I am able 
> to ping within my local network. my router is not the problem.

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