mount_msdosfs anomaly

hoe-waa at hoe-waa at
Wed May 12 17:50:14 PDT 2004


I have a 80 gig hard drive that I have sliced up for multiple distros of linux and freebsd. I have win98 on slice 1 and freebsd on slice 2. On slice 10 I have a 2.7 Gig slice formatted as fat32 for data sharing between all distros.

When logged into frebsd (5.2.1) i can mount the win98 slice with "mount_msdosfs /dev/ad0s1 /win98" without any trouble.

When I attempt to mount slice 10 with "mount_msdosfs /dev/ad0s10 /shared" I get the following error:

mount_msdosfs: /dev/ad0s10: invalid argument.

Slice 10 was formatted in win98 and scan disk was run. I have a text file and two jpeg photos in the slice. 

Any help will be appreciated.



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