Out of curiousity: Who am I mailing to?

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Wed May 12 09:00:41 PDT 2004

Jerry McAllister writes:

>  There is no such thing.  In fact there aren't any employees.
>  FreeBSD is written and maintained by volunteers (tho a few are
>  fortunate that their employers where-ever they work consider their
>  contribution to FreeBSD to be valid parts of their jobs).

	It is my understanding that there are - or were - a very small
number of people who work directly for FreeBSD.  (Jordan Hubard (now
with Apple) and Kirk McCusick come to mind.)

>  Anyway there is no central FreeBSD staff

	THe Core Team is the closest approximation.

>  and the Email list is responded 
>  to voluntarily by the subscribers, like yourself, who have subscribed 
>  to the list to learn and contribute.


				Robert Huff

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