Question Regarding the Applicability of the GNU General Public License / GNU Library General Public License

Hatteberg, David J non Unisys david.hatteberg at
Mon May 10 11:04:09 PDT 2004

Dear Sir / Madam:

I just went to the FreeBSD website (, and went to the "The FreeBSD Copyright and Legal Information" section.  I see that two of the possible links are to the GNU General Public License and the GNU Library Public License ("GPLs").  Yet, there is no reference to the GPLs in any of the other links (e.g., "The FreeBSD Copyright" pages, the "FreeBSD Ports redistribution restrictions" pages, etc.).  In sum, there is nothing that says why the GPL's are included as links or how they are applicable to the FreeBSD software at all.  

Please advise why these are provided at the FreeBSD website and when, if ever, they would apply to any use of the FreeBSD software.

Thank you,

David J. Hatteberg
Unisys Corporation

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