First time running cvsup

Stephen Liu satimis at
Mon May 10 21:24:22 PDT 2004

Hi folks


This is my first time running 'cvsup' to upgrade
port-tree after installing the OS which runs on a slow
PC, AMD-K6-350 and under X11.  

# cvsup cvs-supfile

I went through 'A.5.3 CVSup Configuration' on

But I haven't had much confidence on myself, not
running the PC to an unstable state after upgrade. 
Please provide me some advice on this respect

$ pkg_info | grep cvsup
cvsup-16.1h         General network file distribution
system optimized for CVS

# cp /usr/share/examples/cvsup/cvs-supfile 
# ee /etc/cvs-supfile  (as follows)
cvs-all (shall I add 'release=cvs' ???)

Can I create one 'supfile' to /etc/supfile and run
followings collectively (instead of to run each
'supfile' separately);
# cat /etc/supfile
doc-all ('release=cvs' ???)
cvs-all ('release=cvs' ???)
cvsroot-all ('release=cvs' ???)
ports-all ('release=cvs' ???)

# cvsup supfile

Is it necessary to run following trial test ???
# mkdir /var/tmp/dest
# cvsup supfile /var/tmp/dest

I could not locate
where it is kept???


Stephen Liu

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