help: Winmodem Advice

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Mon May 10 08:11:42 PDT 2004

   I'm using freebsd 4.9 and I know already that i'm
using a winmodem. Aside from buying an external
modem(which would take me a couple of months to save
my allowance for it), is there any possible way that I
may be able to send this e-mail to you on my freebsd
system? I'm not an expert in freebsd or linux drivers
but fortunately I found a driver on their site which
then unfortunately was made only for Linux, linuX, and
only for liNux.
   One last thing, do happen to know if there are
non-government agencies which help those poor citizens
of the world who cannot afford to buy expensive
external modems??:=)

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