Network Help

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Sun May 9 21:56:08 PDT 2004

Given your current network configuration as I understand it, there's no reason 
for running NAT on your FBSD box so don't even go there.

Is your router blocking http either inbound or outbound (port 80) ?

Why aren't you using dhclient to get the ip address for all your computers 
dynamically from the router?

Does /etc/resolv.conf have any information in it?

On Sunday 09 May 2004 10:46 pm, Jeffrey P. Toth wrote:
> On the router question, no, the router is a separate device, a D-Link
> 504H but is a loaner while my D-Link 804HV is in the shop. After
> changing them out is when I discovered I had problems. Apparently the
> DL804 handled whatever the problem was without a complaint.

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