microuptime() went backwards... on a K7 with 7kxa mobo

Micael Ebbmar micke at ebbmar.net
Sun May 9 15:29:32 PDT 2004

Thought I would use my old K7 600 MHz and 7KXA mobo as a gateway since my old K6-2 died, 
and have run into a common problem when I installed 4.9.

When under high IO (network or CPU use) I get the "microuptime() went backwards...."
flooding my screen, and syslog logging it making the system crawl until syslog is killed.
I have went through the standard procedure, disabled APM in bios and removing it from
the kernel, made sure sysctl kern.timecounter.method is set to 1, but to no help.

Anyone got any hints?

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