Problems resolving sites in browsers under KDE

Viktor Lazlo viktorlazlo at
Sat May 8 22:30:01 PDT 2004

On Sun, 9 May 2004 mailist at wrote:

> I had a similar, but different problem with 4.7 which impacted all network
> traffic but was most noticible using Konqueror.  I was getting similar pauses
> regardless of the application I ran.  Unless you are running BIND and
> attempting to get at zones that you adminster, I don't think this is a DNS
> issue.
> In my case, the problem was a high rate of collision and dropped packets
> between the NIC and the switch it was connected to.  I changed the "media"
> information for my network card from 100TX to 10baseT using ifconfig() and
> that seems to have fixed the problem.  You might try this just for the heck
> of it to see if it helps your situation.
> > At 10:09 AM 5/7/04 -0400, Dragoncrest wrote:
> > >         Just recently I've started having a DNS issue of sorts on two of
> > > my workstations running KDE 3.2 on Freebsd 4.9 and using both Mozilla and
> > > Firebird for browsers.  What happens is I'll be surfing around and
> > > suddenly I'll hit something and I can't go forward, I can't go back, I
> > > can't go anywhere.  It just sits there saying "resolving host
> > >" and does this for like 30 seconds, then finally it resolves
> > > it and continues on.  Then it'll gag again on something else in the page
> > > as it's loading and do that all over again.  Then I might be fine for
> > > another 5-15 minutes before it does it again.  When this happens I can
> > > jump into a console either via KDE or control-alt-f1 and I can surf all I
> > > want to using lynx, I can resolve sites, I can telnet, or do whatever I
> > > want.  But my browsers just sit there and look stupid.  Is there
> > > something I'm missing?  What could be causing this.  It's been occuring
> > > periodically before this, but it's really gotten bad now.  So far all I
> > > can tell that's affected is Mozilla and Firebird.  Any ideas guys?
> > >
> > >         Oh, yes.  I did test this in Konqueror and it's doing the same
> > > thing in there too.  So the issue is not unique to just Mozilla and
> > > Firebird.  But from what I can see, not much else is affected on the
> > > network level.  Is there ways I can test things in KDE that might give me
> > > some more information as to what's causing this?  Or is there some
> > > network setting somewhere that I should look at?  Maybe something that
> > > might affect my ability to surf smoothly?  I know it's not my internet
> > > connection because I can surf just fine in my windows box that sits right
> > > next ot it on the same net connection.  Any input would be welcome.

If everything outside of KDE responds normally to tcp/ip requests it's
obviously not DNS-related.  I vaguely remember having problems opening
browsers during the brief period I used KDE until I cleared /tmp and ~/ of
their mcop and dcop files, which seemed to fix it.  Give that a try.



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