realaudio to mp3/wav conversion utility in FreeBSD ?

Simon Barner barner at
Fri May 7 13:40:03 PDT 2004

Joe Schmoe wrote:
> I already have a good method for saving realaudio
> streams to local files.  No discussion of this is
> necessary.
> So now I have locally saved realaudio files, and I
> would like to convert them to mp3 (or at least to wav,
> and then to mp3).  There is some lame GUI tool in
> windows to do this, but of course I would like a CLI
> tool in FreeBSD.
> Does such a tool exist ?

Yes, it does: Mplayer!

Install the mplayer port with support for realaudio. The following will
convert a ra stream (or any other audio stream mplayer supports) and
save in wave format to the file audiodump.wav:

mplayer file.ra -ao pcm

From there, you can use lame to convert it in the mp3 format.

I have attached a script, that converts all *.wma files in a directory
into mp3s, but it should be easy enough to adopt to your situation.

I once found it via google; there are credits for the authors in the

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