ntfs mount

Mark Ovens mark at ukug.uk.freebsd.org
Fri May 7 11:10:12 PDT 2004

Mark Ovens wrote:

> Not come across Smart Boot Manager but I wonder if it creates a small 
> partition to run from; the OS/2 Boot Manager, which was also shipped 
> with older versions of Partition Magic, did but, like "recovery" 
> partitions it didn't get a drive letter.

Ah! I've just thought of something. My old machine had Boot Magic 
installed - the boot manager that came with later versions of Partition 
Magic and didn't need a dedicated partition. One of it's features let 
you choose which partitions each OS could see. I never looked into _how_ 
it did it but I'm now wondering if it worked by setting the partition 
type id flag to 45 (unknown) in the partition table; I do remember that 
I had to disable the BIOS boot sector anti-virus feature as it went off 
everytime I booted.

Now, it may be that this is how Smart Boot Manager works. You could 
confirm it by viewing the MBR when booted into Windows, you can get a 
copy of dd(1) and hd(1) for windows from cygwin.com or you can use 
DSKPROBE.EXE which is in the NT4 Resource Kit (if you can find a copy - 
e-mail me if you can't) and see if the partition type for the first two 
partitions is now set to 7 (NTFS), and maybe the FreeBSD partitions are 
now 45?



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