KVM Switches

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Fri May 7 08:57:15 PDT 2004

I've got a Belkin KVM as well. After some playing around with it I did
finally get it going and working. In my rc.conf file I have moused port as
"/dev/psm0" and my moused type as "auto".


I did have problems getting my scroll wheel to work, it would only work
about half the time. I eventually replaced my MS Intellimouse with a cheapo
optical mouse and all the scrolling problems went away. In both situations I
have found that when switching from one pc to another that the mouse would
at first jump around and randomly click on things when I came back to KDE on
BSD. I solved this by locking the screen and then when I come back to KDE,
moving the mouse around for a few seconds. It eventually stops jumping
around and settles into working quite nicely. Hope this helps.








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      Please excuse my top-posting.  But again, the following

      messages show why this list is a major *plus++.


      I spent  hours digging into various protocols trying 

      to figure out why my mouse went heywire on my new

      platform.  From what I read below, it may be my KVM 



      I've got a Belkin KVM, Logitech 3-buttom mouse, and IBM

      keybd.   Go figure...





On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 10:51:53AM -0700, Foster, ThomasX wrote:

> Does your mouse exhibit the behavior of spitting out sync errors from

> the console and sticking in the upper corner of your monitor?


> I had this exact problem with an Intellimouse Optical and an Apex

> Outlook KVM.  There seems to be an issue with most KVMs not passing the

> protocol correctly when being switched, and psm has issues resyncing.  I

> finally resolved the issue by adding the following flags to my device

> hints file for my specific kernel:


> hint.psm.0.flags="0x100"


> I then enabled device hints in my kernel conf:


> hints           "mycustomkernel.hints"


> I recompiled my kernel and have had no problems since.  My mouse now

> works great between my FreeBSD server and my Linux Workstation on the

> Apex KVM.


> Hope this helps.


> Thomas Foster

> http://www.section6.net <http://www.section6.net/> 



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> I am willing to wager that it is the KVM switch itself that is the

> problem.

> I have had a few problems KVM switches before.


> 1) We have a Compaq Proliant 1600. On certain KVMs, the keyboard world

> drop

> keystrokes. It was impossible to use. I switched the KVM out with a

> cheap 2

> port Hawking unit and it worked fine. 


> 2) We have a Compaq KVM (a very expensive rack-mountable server class

> unit).

> It works great, or so we thought. The other day, we swapped out a two

> button

> mouse with a wheel-mouse. Guess what? Doesn't work at all. The mouse is

> fine, it just won't work through the expensive Compaq KVM. 


> Are you using Compaq hardware at all? Maybe that is your problem :)


> Another thing to mention... When you are booting your FreeBSD box, make

> sure

> you are switched to that box and watch it boot. If you are switched to

> another computer when the mouse daemon loads, I have found that the

> mouse

> won't function at all.


> Brent.


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> Need information on how to get a KVM switch to work with the FreeBSD

> mouse

> driver.


> The Monitor and keyboard work fine but I have to hook a mouse directly

> to

> the box for it to work.


> Thanks,


> Ron Martin


Thad Butterworth    

UI Exploratory      


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