Netfinity 5000 and 5.2.1-RELEASE

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Fri May 7 03:41:26 PDT 2004


Yesterday I wrote:

> Earlier today, I wrote:
> > So, I'm trying to install 5.2.1 on IBM Netfinity 5000 and I'm not
> > having much luck. Before going into great technical detail (ha!) and
> > frustrating stories of my failures, I just thought to ask, is anyone
> > at all running this combination successfully?
> I can now report that it's working. At least so far. The key to success
> was a tip I found after digging the IBM website - to make sure in BIOS 
> setup that *both* Planar SCSI INTA and Planar SCSI INTB are routed to 
> IRQ15 and none of the adapters in any of the PCI slots are routed to 
> IRQ15. 

OK, I eventually had to hard-wire *all* the PCI IRQs, because when I 
left most of them on "auto" and set only the SCSI ones manually it 
seems that different IRQs get assigned to different devices on each 
boot and if the combination is not the winning one, the FreeBSD boot 
process ends with NMI and the system reboots ca 10 seconds after 
finishing the boot-up.

I tried a lot of combinations and finally found one that works for me:

Planar SCSI Channel A:   IRQ 15
Planar SCSI Channel B:   IRQ 15
Planar Ethernet:         IRQ 10
Planar Video:            IRQ 9
Planar USB:              IRQ 5
ServeRAID in PCI Slot 5: IRQ 11
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