Plod-like tool in ports

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu May 6 14:54:44 PDT 2004

* Kris Kennaway <kris at> [2004-05-06 14:25]:
> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 02:08:21PM -0700, Joshua Lokken wrote:
> > 
> > Does anyone out there use a tool similar to plod for personal logging 
> > of administrative tasks?  I've looked through
> > /usr/ports/sysutils, and didn't see anything that caught my eye.
> Perhaps if you explained in more detail what plod does, someone might
> be able to suggest something.
PLOD is a tool designed to help administrators (and others) keep track
of their daily activities.  Since your management will typically have
no idea what you are doing to justify such an exorbitant salary (any
amount of money they may be paying you being classified as
"exorbitant"), and since most people forget what they do themselves,
it's good to keep a record.  Trot your logs out around performance
review time, and show them to your management (after suitable
sanitization) on a regular basis.

The interface is designed to make it quick to dash off a simple note
to yourself.  Since most folks who are going to use PLOD also use
email, I've based the interface on Berkeley mail-- tilde escapes and
all (for a list of escapes, try ~h or ~?).  By default, your logs will
be encrypted using the /bin/crypt command-- not secure in the least,
but marginally safe from casual browsing (I tend to vent into my logs
sometimes rather than at those who might be offended and fire me).
You can turn off the encryption if you find it more a hassle than a


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