athlon-mp daily hang 5.2.1

Patrick Crosby patrick at
Thu May 6 11:30:28 PDT 2004

Bill Moran (wmoran at wrote:
> Patrick Crosby wrote:
> >>Be aware that this is still somewhat experimental, and commits to the
> >>source tree may occasionally break this feature. If the world fails to
> >>compile using this parameter try again without it before you report any
> >>problems.
> >
> >this isn't for a 'make -j4 buildworld', it's for compilation of the
> >software i'm developing...i got two cpu's to speed up a 45 minute
> >build process...
> >
> >and, it hangs at other times as well, just most consistently during
> >compilation.  i'm trying to help find what is causing this so that
> >freebsd can improve.
> This is the standard "weird hangs" answer, forgive me if you've already
> checked these:
> 1) Does is hang on other hardware as well or just this machine?

i'm the only one in the office running CURRENT, and since it is
hanging more than 5.1 was, i told everyone else to wait before
upgrading.  but a coworker (with different hardware [single
processor], but also AMD-based) does get hangs like mine.

> 2) Have you checked the RAM with memtest86 or similar?


> 3) Have you ensured the hardware isn't overheating?

i've checked the cpu temp and it is fine.

> 4) Is the box in question on a UPS?


> These seem to be the most common problems with FreeBSD hanging.  I know
> none of them have much to do with FreeBSD, but that's just the statistical
> reality of it.
> If the answer to #1 indicates an issue with this particular machine, it
> could still be a problem with FreeBSD on that particular hardware.
> #4 is a rarity, but I've seen crappy power cause weird problems.  Undersized
> power supplies can cause similar problems.

so i should try running with it off the UPS?  the power supply should
be ok.  fwiw, the coworker who also gets hangs is *not* on a UPS.  it
could be a building power weirdness (which is why i plugged into the
UPS to begin with)...

would rebuilding the kernel with INVARIANTS or WITNESS help at all?



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