Max size of file on ISO filesystem?

Jim Hatfield subscriber at
Thu May 6 02:43:11 PDT 2004

I used to think that ISO filesystems were limited to a maximum
size of 2 Gb for each file, but now I'm not sure sure.

mkisofs from sysutils/mkisofs will not accept files over 2 Gb
but the one in syutils/mkisofs-devel will without a problem.

So if you install mkisofs-devel you can then use growisofs
to make a DVD with a file over 2 Gb on it.

The fun starts when you try to read the DVD! On a 4.9 machine,
doing a "ls -l" shows the file size as negative, presumably
just the result of using a signed 32-bit quantity to hold the
size in bytes.

However a 5.1 machine generates an error, something like
"value too large for data type". I presume this is coming
from the iso9660 filesystem layer.

So there seems to be a discrepancy between what the latest
mkisofs and the latest iso9660 filesystem code regards as
acceptable. Which is right?

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