Ports Index Update Error - mail/lmtpd Failure

Joshua Lokken joshua at twobirds.us
Wed May 5 12:34:28 PDT 2004

* Kent Stewart <kstewart at owt.com> [2004-05-05 10:28]:
> On Wednesday 05 May 2004 09:42 am, Joshua Lokken wrote:
> This is really not true. INDEX is updated infrequently and depending on 
> the version cvsup downloads will leave you with a version that can be 
> as much as 2 months out of date. 

Maybe so; still, I've hardly ever (3 times) used portsdb -Uu, and I've
had very few problems installing ports, or using portupgrade to upgrade 
ports, and my ports/pkgdb has always been nice and clean.  I don't 
refuse any ports.
> If you don't use ports such as portupgrade, it doesn't matter because 
> make will use the proper parameters from the port location. If you want 
> to use portupgrade, you have to rebuild INDEX[-5] and INDEX.db after 
> every cvsup.
> If you check the update dates on INDEX, you will see that it was updated 
> on 1 May, 28 Apr, 3 Apr, and then on 13 Feb. You could have missed an 
> important security fix because none of the ports such as portversion or 
> pkg_version would have recognized that the port had been updated.
> If it has only made a proper INDEX twice for you, I really suspect that 
> you are refusing ports that are important to the make index process. I 
> build the INDEXs twice a day and the last time make index failed was on 
> 12-13 Apr. FWIW, portsdb -U now uses "make index" to build INDEX.
>From my own experience with ports, all of that work seems quite


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