Patching ports

Mikkel Christensen mikkel at
Wed May 5 05:41:27 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 12:29, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 12:11:22PM +0000, Mikkel Christensen wrote:
> > How do I add a patch to a certain port?
> > Usually I would use the "patch" program to add the patch to the source code.
> > But when using ports the system begins compiling right after rewtrieving the source. Thus not giving me a change to apply the patch.
> > I've seen a folder named "files" in which patches part of the port seem to be located. But just adding the patchfile here apperently wont do much good.
> > I've tried using the "PATCHFILES" variable in the Makefile but then the system complains the my patchfile does not have a matching MD5 hash.
> > Does anyone know how to handle this issue?
> When building a port you can type:
>     # make extract
> which will download any sources, check the size and checksums, unpack
> the sources into the work directory and apply any patches that come
> with the port.  And then stop.  At this point you can make whatever
> modifications you wish to yourself, and then finish off the build by
>     # make
> So long as your patch doesn't add or delete files from the expected
> packing list then just doing a:
>     # make install
> will work.
> It is also possible to put your patch file into the port's files
> directory and have it automatically applied, but you need to take care
> to account for the order that patch files get applied.

Thank you both for a quick and explaning reply.
The last par of your answer brings up a short question though.

Will patch-files automatically be run if they are placed in the "files" folder?

It did not seem that way when I tried but I might have done something wrong:)

- Mikkel

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